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Get an instant price quote for your next audience engagement project for up to 2,500 people.

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Pricing is calculated at 100% participation rate and includes a campaign credit, opt-in message, and participation confirmation message. Taxes are not included.

Simple. Straightforward. Affordable.

Instantly create amazing campaigns to engage audiences of up to 2,500 people simultaneously. Our pricing works just like your favourite prepaid coffee card – reload your account and buy credits to run campaigns and send text messages. Our pricing adjusts automatically to save you more as you use more!


Use your campaign credits to launch a campaign. Buy in bulk and save!

Campaign Credits Price per campaign
1 $30 per campaign
2 to 5 $28 per campaign
6 to 10 $25 per campaign
11 to 20 campaigns $22 per campaign
Over 20 $20 per campaign


Your account will be charged as you send or receive messages.

Messages sent per month Price per message
First 100 $0.030
Next 150 $0.029
Next 250 $0.027
Next 500 $0.026
Over 1000 $0.025


Want to engage more than 2,500 people at once? We can handle audiences as large as a stadium. Contact us for more information.

Instantly engage audiences of up to 2,500 people.
Sign-up for your risk-free account today and get a trial campaign and 50 messages on the house.

How does free trial works?

Sign up for an account and receive 1 campaign credit and 50 messages. Create any campaign and see for yourself how it works. If you want to continue, simply refill your account to buy more campaign credits and invite your audience to participate.

What are campaign credits?

You’ll need one campaign credit to run a unique campaign. For example, if you want to run a new poll, a survey, and a contest you’ll need 1 campaign credit for each. Once you’ve activated a campaign, you can reuse it as long as you want, since they never expire.

Will I get any monthly bills?

No. Our live audience response system is a prepaid platform that works just like your favourite coffee card. Refill your balance to purchase campaign credits and send text messages. 

What happens if I use my balance?

If your balance is $0.00 your campaigns will remain active, but you will be unable to send text messages so your audience will not get responses when they try to participate. As soon as you refill your account, your audience can participate again. To be safe, you can set your account to automatically top up so you never run out of credit!