Frequently Asked Questions

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Getting Started

Whit is Live Audience Response (LAR)?

Our live audience response system allows you to engage your audience while your event or presentation is live. It allows you to collect and analyse responses from the audience by conducting polls, trivia, and surveys through text messaging.

How is LAR different from existing solutions?

Live Audience Response is based solely on text messaging to maximise audience participation without any preconditions (like requiring an app to be downloaded). Since almost everyone in your audience has a text-enabled mobile phone, engagement and participation is extremely high. This audience response system gives you live results instantly so you can make fast decisions.

How do I get started?

Simply register to create an account. You’ll get 1 free campaign credit and 50 text messages to play around with. There is absolutely no commitment, but if you like what you see, recharge your account and buy campaign credits to start engaging your customers.

How many people can I engage simultaneously?

You can engage up to 2,500 people at once. If you’d like to engage more, please contact us and we’ll set you up – we have the capability to survey audiences as large as 20,000.

Will my audience be charged for texting?

Texting to live audience response numbers is no different than texting a friend or family member nationwide. We use local phone numbers so your audience can text without worries. Standard text messaging rates apply.

How does this work for my audience?

Your audience will see a screen asking them to text a keyword to a phone number to participate in your campaign. Since it will be a regular local number, they can simply text it to get started. Visit our campaign page to participate in one of our demo campaigns, and experience it just like your audience would.

How do people respond or send their comments?

Audience members can respond by sending text messages to the aforementioned number. No hardware, apps, or internet connections are required.

How can I create a campaign?

Log in to your account, select a campaign type, and enter your information. Thanks to our convenient and user-friendly interface, you can create and launch a campaign in under 5 minutes.

How does text messaging audience response system work?

This system allows you to create a campaign on your desktop with an assigned phone number, to which your audience can send their responses. It is a simple two-way messaging communication.

Can I include multiple questions into one survey?

Yes. Although the best practice is to keep it short (maximum 3-4 questions), SMS audience response system campaigns allow you to include as many questions as you want.

How can I analyze the results?

Our system automatically provides live graphs and analysis immediately after receiving responses from your participants. Graphs and live results can also be illustrated directly on stage to engage your audience in the process.

How fast do text messaging responses show up?

This works really fast. Regardless of the audience size you will see incoming responses in seconds.

Can I try how LAR works before I sign up?

Sure. Simply visit our demo campaign page and text our sample campaigns to see how they work. Or create an account and get a free campaign and 50 trial messages to try out.


How does the pricing works?

To run a new campaign (with unique keyword) you’ll need to buy campaign credits and maintain some balance to pay for text messages sent. For example, if you want to create a new SMS Survey campaign, you’ll need 1 credit to create the campaign and a balance for each of your responses. Simple pay-as-you-go pricing makes it easy for you to know what you’re paying and why. Click here for an overview of our low rates.

How does the billing work?

As you use the audience response system (including campaigns, SMS messages, and phone numbers), your account balance drops. We’ll notify you by email when your balance reaches $0.00. Keep in mind that when your account reaches $0.00, your audience will no longer receive SMS messages when they respond to your campaigns. You can enable automatic recharge to prevent your balance from dropping to $0.00.

Are there any commitments or contracts?

No – everything is prepaid. Reload your account and purchase campaigns and SMS messages whenever you want. Whether it is a one-time campaign or a continuous one, you only pay for what you use.

What are the messaging costs?

Text messages start at $0.03 per sent message and decrease as your usage grows. To get an idea on the cost of your event, please check use the Instant Price Quote. Incoming text messages from your audience are always free.

What's the pricing per unique campaign?

Our campaign credits start at $30 per campaign. If you plan to have multiple campaigns in the buy in bulk and save up to 50%. Your campaign credits never expire and you can use them at anytime.

Can I run multiple campaigns?

Of course. Your campaign credits and account balance is good for any mixture of campaigns. Want to create four surveys, two polls and a contest? No problem. Simply recharge your account and start engaging your audience.


What are campaigns and how do they work?

A campaign is an interactive text message conversation between your audience and the platform. Your campaigns can include surveys, trivia, polls, text-to-win contests, and more. When you create a campaign it is assigned a local phone number and unique keyword your audience can text in order to participate. You can also create subscription and non-subscription campaigns.

What type of campaigns can I make?

You can choose from over 9 types of campaigns (survey, trivia, poll, text-to-win, etc.), and you can choose to make either subscription or non-subscription campaigns.

Can I reuse my campaigns?

Once you have purchased and launched a campaign it’s yours to have, and there is no expiration date. You can even change the content of the campaign (although the phone number, keyword, and campaign type will stay the same).