Campaign Types


Test your audience with fun and engaging interactive trivia game and select the winner based on multiple criteria.

  • Easily create multiple question trivia in minutes.
  • Fully interactive customer experience via text messaging.
  • Flexible trivia configuration options.
  • Show or hide correct answers as needed.
  • Send correct answer summary after participation.
  • Build your CASL compliant marketing list.

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Versatile voting campaigns allow you to conduct exit polls, ask customers to vote for their favorite product, or build a top ten chart.

  • Quick-create polls with up to 12 options in no time.
  • View results in real-time as they roll in.
  • No apps needed. Anyone with a text-messaging capable device can vote.
  • Download results in .csv for further analysis.
  • Perfect tool for TV and Radio audiences to engage and measure viewership.

TRY NOW: TEXT TX1 TO (855) 558-8575

SMS Survey on iphone screen


On-demand coupon codes engage customers via text, and can drive traffic to your website for coupon redemption.

  • Text single or variable coupon codes to customers on demand.
  • Generate variable coupons codes for each customer.
  • Send a unique coupon code to each mobile phone.
  • Download variable coupon codes in .csv for POS Tracking.
  • Utilize analytics: requested and redeemed coupons, mobile numbers, date/time.

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Quick and convenient SMS surveys let you gather data from customers, employees, or anyone else with a text-enabled mobile device.

  • Create an interactive SMS Survey in just 5 minutes.
  • Customers prefer these fast and fun surveys to email polls.
  • No app download required. Survey anyone on any mobile device.
  • Preview results in real-time or download for deeper analysis.
  • Boost response rates with customer incentive for survey completion.

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SMS Survey Laptop


Generate customer excitement with easily-crafted sweepstakes, drawings, or other contests.

  • Customers text a keyword to enter.
  • Easily select a random winner with one click.
  • Stop, start, or pause the contest anytime.
  • Capture participant phone number, date and time entered.
  • Build a solid mobile marketing list.

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