Live Audience Response.
Your audience participates – live.

Engage your audience in real-time by conducting multiquestion surveys, trivia, polls , and more through simple and accessible messaging platform without distributing hardware or asking your audience to download a mobile app.

Take a sit in the audience

Before jumping into a new service, experience what your audience will. Try one of our demo campaigns before offering it to your audience for maximum engagement.



Engage, test knowledge, build enthusiasm and show live results.



Ask your audience questions and get responses immediately.



Need a winner? Leave it to your audience to decide what’s best.



Run a live contest and select a random winner from the audience.

Get started with a free campaign

The best way to get a feel for our system is to try it yourself. With our no-risk, no-obligation trial you can create an amazing interactive campaign for your audience of up to 2,500 people. Check out all the possibilities.

How It Works


Create a campaign

Create a Campaign

Within 3 minutes, you’ll have a brand new survey, trivia or poll ready to engage your audience.


Engage your audience

Take your campaign for a spin and let your audience have some interactive text messaging fun.


Analyze Results

Show results live to your audience as they participate, or save it for later with graphs and spreadsheets.

Why Live Audience Response Works?

With new technologies constantly emerging, it is easy to overlook the advantages of established ones. Text messaging is a grassroots technology that has been adopted by almost 97% of the population. So why not find creative uses for it?


by 97% of consumers 


readily on every mobile device

Instant & Quick

interaction with participants

No Apps

to download by audience


survey large audiences

From focus groups to stadiums

The size of your audience doesn’t matter. Whether it is a group of 50 colleagues or a national conference with 5,000 participants, our audience response system delivers live audience engagement thanks to its robust network architecture, partnerships, efficiency, and speed. You can avoid buying and distributing expensive voting hardware, requiring everyone to download an app, or asking your audience to go to a website to complete a survey. Instead, you can make it fun and engaging, and guarantee greater audience participation with our audience response system.